Justin Bieber Will Be Charged With Battery

Justin Bieber Charged With Battery


Hey, remember when Justin Bieber was racing his Ferrari inside his gated community then threatened to kill the guy who told him to slow his dumb ass down then spit in the guy's face because Bieber is a spoiled, petulant child who never received discipline his whole life? Yeah, about that. TMZ reports:

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. investigated the case and sent the file to the D.A. Tuesday.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Sheriff's investigators are urging prosecutors to charge the singer with battery.  We're told cops don't think Bieber should go to jail, but he needs serious counseling because of his repeated and escalating bad behavior. Law enforcement sources tell us … Sheriff's investigators are worried that Bieber is either going to "get his ass kicked" or "someone's gonna get a $2 million payday" unless the singer changes his tune. Our sources say the Sheriff's Dept. is not singling out Bieber because he's a celeb — they'd make the same recommendation for anyone who's a first time offender with a bad temper.

Wait, sherriff's think Bieber is going to run up on the wrong person and get curb stomped or sued into oblivion? Maybe we should see how this all plays out. I bet Bieber would get a lot of likes on Instagarm if he took a pic of his morphie drip. #mOrPHeenZ #BELIEB