Amanda Bynes Is Suing Us Weekly, Everybody

Don't you hate it when somebody isn't working anymore and they can't get their psychotropic meds then they threaten to sue everybody? Amanda Bynes is doing now, too. She also hates Asians.  As of right now, her legal team consists of her keyboard and Twitter.

Yet again, I'm suing @UsWeekly for writing another false story. NOTHING is wrong with me! All Trash mags – contact me personally since you r talking to people I DON'T KNOW then claiming they know me. Please say names of those supposed sources, they sound like you made them up like the crazy person you're trying to portray me as in your ugly magazine. I'm talking to the ugly Asian editor and all the ugly women I met when I did a shoot with you. I am suing you every week you put up awful photos with a false "I'm crazy" story. You have never contacted me once to find out who I am or what I'm up to. Fuck You.

On Sunday, her imaginary legal team issued another statement:

This is DISGUSTING! I don't know why @UsWeekly thinks they are legally allowed to say I have a mental illness and need to be "Commited" – Shocked and horrified! It helps to have met them, it's run by the ugliest women and men I've ever met. I'm suing them for writing OFFENSIVE headlines about me weekly! Read my twitter! What about it makes me seem mentally ill? I've lost respect for everyone who works for @UsWeekly.

Oh, and here's her reason. We're all damaging her reputation. She's not damaging it by being insane, though. We are. Not her. Just wanted to fully drive that point home.

The reason I'm suing everyone I'm suing: defamation (of character) n. the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation. If the defamatory statement is printed or broadcast over the media it is libel and, if only oral, it is slander.

Of course Amanda Bynes isn't suing anyone. Mostly because she can't and because she just picked up an empty Dr. Pepper can she found a curb. "Tell me your secrets. It's me, Amanda. I am your friend, " Amanda whispers.