Amanda Bynes Shaved Her Head, Continues Descent Into Madness



As we speak, Amanda Bynes is in the middle of an epic freefall into insanity and madness hitting every one of her extensions on the way down. She's now tweeting news outlets directly, telling them to only use paparazzi pics that she chooses and that she'll sue them either way, but not before she will explain everything that's going on in the picture. And something about her Twitter being the best. So take about ten Xanax and down a shot of something so this makes sense. Take it away Amanda!

@eonline please post my pics anytime! I had to shave my head because of hair damage from someone @ John Barrett so I'm not loving my paparazzi pics for a few years! I have extensions but you can see them! Loving your shows but suing you for spreading lies about me on your website! Thanks for being my fan! True friends don't spread lies about me so I can't follow anyone from your network on twitter. I'll sue you everytime you post a lie with a paparazzi shot, I tell you everything that is going on about me on twitter. Only choose the paparazzi pics that I select and post on twitter and my personal pics when talking about me! I tweet all day about nothing just like everybody on the face of the earth! Thanks!

Is this real? This can't be real? It's real isn't it. Well,shit. I have a question. WHERE ARE HER FRIENDS? No, not the ones that nobody else can see. I mean the ones we can. People say Lindsay needs help, but Lindsay is just a spoiled,  pampered narcissist and overall horrible human being who willonly learn when she's dead. Real talk: Amanda needs some damn help. And not the kind that Emma Stone wrote about and solved racism with, I mean the Shutter Island kind. If somebody could make that happen, that would be great.


NOTE: Amanda should call Saul or Joe Adler