Amanda Bynes Went To A Gym In Fishnets And Tried To Do A Cartwheel Then Her Wig Fell Off

As we all know, Amanda Bynes is damn looney toons. And not even in a funny way anymore. Except for today. When we find out that she went to Adult Gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers in wearing fishnets, a wig, and lingerie. Brace yourself for quite possibly the greatest sentence of text ever to appear on Page Six. GOOD GOD MAN.

Onlookers said the staff became concerned about Bynes, who was “muttering to herself” and then “burst into tears when she attempted a cartwheel and her dark-colored wig fell off.”

I mean, damn. Can't somebody catch her with a stick collar and force meds down her throat? That might sound extreme, but please keep in mind what you just read.