Roger Ebert (1942-2013)



Film critic Roger Ebert finally passed away from cancer yesterday. I give this all the thumbs down. Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Ebert, 70, who reviewed movies for the Chicago Sun-Times for 46 years and on TV for 31 years, and who was without question the nation’s most prominent and influential film critic, died Thursday in Chicago. “We were getting ready to go home today for hospice care, when he looked at us, smiled, and passed away,” said his wife, Chaz Ebert. “No struggle, no pain, just a quiet, dignified transition.”

Good for him for refusing to see Fast & Furious 6, but when I was a kid the only time I'd go see a movie is if Siskel and Ebert liked it on Sneak Previews. If a movie was bad, he'd let you know. If a movie was good, he'd let you know. And he didn't take his job so seriously that he couldn't tell you if a movie was so bad it was good. It wasn't until today that I realized the effect Roger Ebert had on my life, as I just remembered that made index cards for my mom's movie collection and my ratings was either the thumbs up or thumbs down. You know what else is having an effect on my life right now? The Indian food I had last night. Probably not the best choice.