‘Game Of Thrones’ Clive Mantle’s Ear Was Bitten Off At A Hotel

Sasquatch 2013: Andrew Bird

Clive Mantle, who plays Greatjon Umber on HBO’s kickass Game of Thrones, was at a Newcastle Travelodge when he got into an argument with some dude and the dude BIT HIS FUCKING EAR OFF. REPEAT, HIS EAR WAS BITTEN OFF HIS FACE. BBC reports:

A spokesman for Mr Mantle’s agent, London-based Sarahband Associates, said surgeons at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary had managed to sew the top part of the actor’s right ear back on. He said he believed Mr Mantle was pinned to the floor in the hotel and attacked after asking other guests to keep the noise down. He said: “He is very shaken and shocked by what has happened, you don’t expect this kind of thing to happen in a hotel. “The part of the ear that was bitten off was found and sewn back on. Mr Mantle said the police, ambulance and hospital staff were amazing.”

Damn, son. This sounds like a scene from Game of Thrones. You know the episode I’m talking about: Two people talking for five minutes, orgy, the dwarf says something funny, two people talking for five minutes, somebody gets beheaded, three people talking for five minutes, King Joffrey murders some kittens then drowns a puppy, two people talking for five minutes, some chick gets railed doggystyle, another dude gets beheaded, the dwarf interrupts a meeting, hey dragons, two people talking for five minutes, another chick gets double penetrated, two people talking for five minutes, a guy walks into a hotel and gets his ear bit off. You’ve seen that one. That was a pretty good one.