Amanda Bynes’ Family Is Concerned

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Long story short, Amanda Bynes is batshit. She’s been batshit for a while. She gets more batshit everyday. it’s like she’s in a batshit race. But don’t worry, her family will be there at the finish line. E! News reports:

A source exclusively tells E! News that the What I Like About You star’s weird behavior—including the at-times-raunchy tweets, the cheek piercing, the random solo outings, etc.—coupled with the myriad driving mishaps that came before, has her family concerned for her welfare. We’re told that her family wants her to return to Los Angeles so that they can keep a closer eye on her, but she refuses. The source says that Bynes’ family is hopeful that everything is going to be fine, but they’re ready to step in if needed.

Uh, “they’re ready to step in if needed”? Hey, bro. It’s needed. It’s been need for like, what? Two years? Maybe three? So yeah, it’s needed. Maybe you should fly to LA before she mistakes a police horse for Drake.