Photographer Asked Tina Fey About Taylor Swift, Tina Fey Tells Him ‘Go F*%k Yourself’

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The media is really trying to turn this Tina Fey-Taylor Swift thing into an actual feud, but Tina Fey is having none of it, bro. Gawker reports:

“Do you think Taylor Swift overreacted with the joke?” the photographer asked Tina Fey as she crossed the street, even though we already know what Tina Fey thinks (“It was a lighthearted joke”) because she told us. “Go fuck yourself,” smiled Tina Fey. “Do you think she took the joke a little too far?” the photographer continued, clearly not having yet fucked himself. “Can you comment on anything?” “You can go fuck yourself,” said Tina Fey, as she pretended to answer a lot of texts, like we all do when we feel uncomfortable. The photographer then told Tina Fey she was not being nice. Tina Fey responded, “Get a job, dude.”

Some might argue that this is what Tina Fey should have told Taylor Swift, but I don’t think Swift’s fans would want to buy a double album about Tina Fey.