LeBron James Takes Steroids (Probably)

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Anthony Bosch, the founder of the Miami-based PED clinic, Biogenesis of America LLC, and central figure in several high-profile steroid scandals, probably shouldn’t have let this employee go. IBN Sports reports:

Former employee of Anthony Bosch claims a Mr.Paul picked up items from the clinic on a monthly basis, and when he paid the initials L.J. where used in the bookkeeping log.. Why would that be suspicious? Well Lebron’s best friend and agent’s name is Rich Paul …Introducing first our guest on the line : Jessica. She had been introduced to Anthony Bosch by mutual friends before beginning to work for him from April 2010 to February 2012 as a assistant before leaving the company. She was in charge of keeping track of pretty much every financial transfer in Bosch’s clinic.

Take it away, Jessica:

Incarcerated Bob : What names stood out to you ?

: LJ, JN, Francisco, Cruz ..

Incarcerated Bob : These were the name that you just had and were told to put in the books ?

Jessica : Yes.

Incarcerated Bob : How did that work, money would come in ? Did Mr Bosch tell you to put some initials in the books ?

Jessica : Yes. Like LJ, someone named Mr Paul would come in and Mr Bosch would give a check to put in the book LJ as being “payed for the month”.

How many times have you heard somebody call LeBron James “a freak of nature”? Well, that’s certainly one way to say it. Another would be that he’s a 6’8″, 250 pound dude who can run and jump like Spider-Man and never seems to get tired. When he hits free agency, he’ll probably sign with the Justice League.