Clive Davis Became A Bisexual When He Turned 50

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“So I should add a dick to this dress?”

Clive Davis, the legendary music executive who has worked with probably every female artist you know, reveals in his new book, The Sound Track of My Life, that he became a bisexual at age 50. No word from ESPN if Michael Jordan has yet. Radar Online reports:

“For over 50 years, I never had sex with a male,” said Davis, who’s worked with artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, and most famously, the late Whitney Houston. Davis, who was twice married, said he did not even think about men in a romantic capacity until his fifties. “It wasn’t repressed — I had very good sexual relationships with women,” the Grammy-winning producer told ABC. “Never for me … this very maligned and misunderstood subject of bisexuality came up.” In his tome, Davis, who’s currently the chief creative officer for Sony Music Entertainment, said he was involved in a 13-year relationship with a doctor, and a 7-year relationship with another man. (He did not name them so as to protect their privacy.)

I won’t care about this story at all if Clive Davis’ next Grammy party isn’t sponsored by lemons.