Chrissy Teigen Is Misunderstood

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If you’ve ever heard Chrissy Teigen speak or read anything she puts on Twitter, then you realize she doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. Which is why she’s basically universally loved and a 9-time Grammy winner asked her to be his wife (see how that works, ladies?). But apparently a few people got upset because she made a joke (which coincidentally, happens a lot on Twitter. The eggs, man. It’s always the eggs.)

Us Magazine reports:

“We keep pushing the date,” she said, adding that it will “definitely” happen in 2013. “If it’s not this year, I’m out.”


“Obviously it was a joke,” Teigen explained. “I don’t even care about getting married.”

People of course will jump on that last part, so it’s a good thing Chrissy doesn’t give a fuck. Because you know who cares about getting married? John Legend. Why? Because he’s marrying Chrissy Teigen. Dude, ook at him in this banner picture. He looks like my 3-year old nephew when I say I have candy. John’s wedding gift to himself is to clone Chrissy so he can marry her twice.