Amanda Bynes Got Evicted Because She Loves Weed

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As we all know, Amanda Bynes is insane. Not in a serial killer way, but in a putting a baby doll dress on a dead puppy and talking to mailboxes insane. This probably causes her not to be able to read the no smoking signs everywhere. TMZ reports:

Amanda Bynes is currently packing up her NYC apartment … and moving somewhere else … after her landlord threatened to evict the actress claiming she’s a disrespectful rule-breaker … TMZ has learned. Sources at the apartment tell us … Bynes got a letter from building management earlier this month explaining that her lease would be terminated … because she’s a building nuisance. We’re told management made the decision after getting several complaints of marijuana smoke coming from her apartment — “morning, noon and night.” Sources say she was also seen smoking weed in the hallways.

Now the sexiest part:

Although it was a non-smoking building, Bynes had refused to cease smoking. In Bynes’ wake was an apartment littered with Marlboro Light cigarette butts and dirty Q-tips.

You know what? I don’t want to know. Just let me know when she’s committed to Arkham Asylum.