A Storage Locker Had An Old Pic Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Having Sex

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My God today is slow, but if you’re a big fan of Storage Wars, I think some dude just won. TMZ reports:

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been thrust into a very belated sex scandal … because there are reports that an old photo of a “young Arnold” performing a sex act has come to light. The photo is reportedly part of a treasure trove of artifacts that have been discovered in a storage space owned by late Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. According to the New York Post, the Arnold pic — along with a bunch of other VEERRRY interesting items — were discovered by a guy who went all “Storage Wars” and bought up a bunch of the lockers after Guccione went bankrupt. Among the treasures … unpublished nude pics of Madonna and Lauren Hutton … and Bob’s personal files detailing the situation surrounding his decision to publish pics of then-Miss America Vanessa Williams.

Man, this sounds like the greatest story of 1984. I think I might go to the mall and get a new jean jacket and some slap bracelets I’m so excited.

Photo credit = WENN