Justin Bieber Blamed the Black Guy

You’ve probably heard by now that Justin Bieber was caught on camera smoking pot. Since his fans need to believe their idol is a perfect little Canadian boy who loves Jesus and would never do anything bad, of course his staff is blaming this all on Justin’s new black friend. Star Crush reports:

Justin’s people are in a bit of a panic, with an insider telling Us Weekly, “[His team] “isn’t happy about those photos. They are grilling security about who could have taken them.”

And some are placing the blame for the fact that he had the pot in the first place squarely on other people — namely, Bieber’s BFF, rapper Lil Twist. Supposedly he was the one rolling the joints in the hotel room the night the photos were taken, and given his Twitter profile picture and the fact that he’s a Lil Wayne protege, it’s kind of a given that it’s always 420 in his universe.

As TMZ reports, “Sources involved in Justin’s life who care about him are deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life and feel very strongly Justin needs a clean break from the rapper or else bad things are going to happen.”

Yes, it’s the black guy. It’s not the fact that Justin is a brat who has proven time and again that he thinks the rules don’t apply to him. The kid drives like a maniac and stops traffic to yell at people in other cars. He promoted abstinence and then changed his tune once a cute girl wanted to touch his dick. If he wants to smoke pot, he’s going to smoke it. He lives in California now. The justice system will probably give him a trophy for managing not to murder anyone.