The CBS CEO Hates Angus T. Jones

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As you might remember, Angus T. Jones, the “half” in Two And A Half Men, did an interview with a religious group calling the “disgusting filth” and urged people not to watch it. However, he didn’t mention giving back all the money he’s made from the show. I hope he saved some of it.

New York Post reports:

After Charlie Sheen, Les Moonves thinks that the Angus T. Jones controversy is a “piece of cake.” Still, the CBS exec admitted that Jones’ future on the show is still unclear. “I don’t know what our status is with him,” the CBS Corp. president and CEO said yesterday at The Wall Street Journal Viewpoints event. “We took this boy who started with us when he was eight years old, and it seemed to be what happens with child stars over the course of time.””He’s now making $300,000 per week which is not a bad salary for a 19-year-old kid, and he went on a religious channel and urged people not to watch the show because it was filth. By the way, he’s still collecting his $300,000 a week.”

Angus T. Jones later issued the most non-apology apology ever issued, but of course, like most Jesus freaks, he’s perfectly fine with collecting $300K an episode, because operates under the logic that doesn’t have to follow his own advice because Jesus will forgive him. I don’t know, if I went to a restaurant and said it was disgusting filth and told people not to eat there, chances are I wouldn’t go back the next week. You know, unless they were paying me to eat there and no other restaurant would let me in because I’ve been typecast in the other restaurants commercials. Or something like that. Whatever. It made sense to me.