Bill Murray Will Crash Your Kickball Game

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Last Sunday, some hipsters were playing kickball in NYC. Bill Murray just walked up and started playing. No arrests were made. Entertainment Weekly reports:

Marina Cockenberg of CollegeHumor posted a photo of Murray posing with the kickball team on her personal Tumblr, and the picture quickly went viral. When we contacted her for details, she directed us toward her friend Chris DiLella — an actual member of the team in question. (He’s the fourth guy from the left, wearing a gray shirt and sunglasses.) DiLella gave us the scoop on what actually happened that fateful afternoon: Around 2 p.m., DiLella and his fellow kickballers were playing a game in a field on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. Murray “popped out of nowhere” and began interacting with the players. “He was bouncing the ball… ran over to second base. Played for a bit… Gave us all high-fives and let us pose with him in the picture,” DiLella explained over email. After the above photo was shot, Murray went over to one of the players’ moms — who was behind the camera — and “picked her up in his arms.” Soon after posing for a second shot, Murray left with “three young boys” — DiLella assumes they were Murray’s sons.

According to the Internet, this is “awesome” and “very cool”, but is it better than the time Nick Lachey crashed my Quidditch game in my diary? Why didn’t the mainstream media cover that?

pic credit = Tumblr