Lady Gaga Threw Up On Stage Three Times

In case you didn’t think it was possible for Lady Gaga to get more gross and disgusting, that’s because you weren’t in Spain this weekend. TMZ reports:

Lady Gaga put Justin Bieber to shame this weekend … barfing MULTIPLE TIMES on stage during a concert in Spain …. WITHOUT MISSING A STEP!!!! Gaga was in the middle of her hit “Edge of Glory,” when she bends over with her back to the stage and starts blowin’ chunks … and then immediately pulls herself together and starts dancing again! Seconds later, she bends over again and pukes again … and then a 3rd time … before stepping right back into her routine like nothing happened.

The most amazing thing about this video is that Lady Gaga can puke and sing at the same time and her voice doesn’t sound any different? How does she do it? A gay guy in the audience said it was probably black magic then crossed himself and said something in Spanish.

Note: She probably had few flown in from her restaurant. Mmmm, so tasty.