Johnny Lewis Was A Scientologist

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Yesterday, we learned again that meth is bad when actor Johnny Lewis killed his landlord and her cat, beat two dudes with a board, then fell from a roof to his death. YOLO or something like that. He had some bad thetans apparently. Radar Online reports:

The troubled 28-year-old is listed on numerous websites, message boards and blogs as being a member of the controversial religion followed by the likes of Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley. Ironically one Scientology blogger, who says his daughter did much of her early religious training with Lewis, lists him in a category dedicated to the “Celebrities who use Scientology and Dianetics to help them live happy and successful lives” following a speech the troubled star gave crediting the religion.

So extreme Muslims fly planes into buildings and hate women, extreme Christians bomb abortion clinics and hate women, and extreme Scientologists are mostly just weirdos who like to file lawsuits and feed their sick kids niacin. But I think L. Ron Hubbard would be proud that Johnny Miller didn’t go see a psychiatrist. It’s obvious that someone who tortures a cat doesn’t have any psychological issues. None at all.