Amanda Bynes Hit Somebody Else Last Night

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Amanda was driving her black BMW 5-series out of a parking lot on Sunset Boulevard around 10:30PM when she tapped the bumper of a white car in front of her, leaving little or no damage. According to our camera guy … Amanda was attempting to cover her face when she love-tapped the other vehicle — and both drivers left without exchanging information on the scene. It’s unclear if the other driver reported the fender bender to cops, but it’s a damn good bet Amanda and her suspended license did NOT.

You know those starving kids in Africa commercials where the old guy stands next a kid with flies in their eyes while they eat a shoe out of the garbage? Why doesn’t the old guy feed the kid? I mean, he’s already there. Why ask me for money? I guess what I’m asking is why doesn’t TMZ slash this chick’s tires or drop a cobra in backseat? Maybe because it wouldn’t do anything to help their traffic.