George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin Because It Was “God’s Plan”

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Since they share a hatred for poor black people, George Zimmerman and Sean Hannity but aside their cultural differences and sat down for an interview and ratings. Long story short, if you kill someone, just use the cop out Christians have been using for centuries: it was all God’s plan. Gawker reports:

The apology came at the end of the interview, with Zimmerman telling Hannity what he’d say to Martin’s family. “I would tell them again that I’m sorry. I am sorry they buried their child. I can’t imagine what it must feel like, and I pray for them daily.” Despite the apology, Zimmerman made it clear that he didn’t regret any of his actions, because it was all divinely pre-ordained. “It was all God’s plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it…,” he said before trailing off. When Hannity asked if there was anything he’d do differently in retrospect, Zimmerman answered, “No, sir.” Later he added, “I do wish there was something, anything, I could have done that wouldn’t have put me in the position where I had to take his life.” Earlier in the interview, Zimmerman defended having a gun on him, noting that he always carried one unless he was at work.

Man, there’s faith in action. Remember in the Bible when Jesus carried a concealed weapon and accosted people in his gated community because he took it upon himself to decide who should be there and who shouldn’t? No? Oh, that’s because it didn’t fucking happen. If it was God’s plan for you to murder an unarmed teenager, then God has some fucked up plans. Like giving people cancer and killing people in natural disasters. Because, I hate to break it to you, God has no plan. At best, he’s an apathetic six-year old burning ants with a magnifying glass. And George Zimmerman is a racist murderer who finally gave himself reason to pull out his gun that he spent his whole adult life ready to use. Fuck him and fuck his God if he can sit there with a straight face and take no responsibility for killing an unarmed teenager then have the fucking balls to say it was some pre-ordained plan that he was helpless to stop. Here’s a hint, stay the fuck inside your house and pray for God to save you if a skipping teenager with a bag of Skittles paralyzes you with fear. Oh, that’s right, you only pray for the family whose life you destroyed. How very Christian of you.