Jerry Sandusky Is Now Officially A Pervert

We can all drop the innocent until proven guilty crap with Jerry Sandusky because Friday night he was finally convicted on 45 out of 48 counts of child molestation. It took the jury 20 hours to reach their decision, or 25 minutes per count, which, if you’ve never been on a jury, is really fast. Basically they probably read out the count, went over the judge’s instructions, unanimously voted that sicko guilty, then moved on to the next one. Still, you have to wonder about those three counts.

Sundusky is most likely going to die in jail now and just to make sure it’s by natural causes many, may years down the line, he has been put on suicide watch.

TMZ reports:

An attorney for Jerry Sandusky said Saturday his client has been placed under suicide watch for his own safety. Karl Rominger told CNN that Sandusky is being held in protective custody — separate from other inmates — as he awaits sentencing. He explained, “The judge in this case and the warden in this case decided to take a measure not meant to suggest in any way that he is suicidal, but simply to put the precautions in place first and then evaluate later.”

So Sandusky isn’t able to get his real comeuppance from the other inmates just yet (I am of course talking about shower rape.) I guess we can wait, safe in the knowledge that eventually this asshole will be as vulnerable and scared as the poor kids who trusted him. But I think if we’ve learned one thing from all of this, it’s that the internet certainly seems to have a never ending supply of rape jokes at their disposal. Feel free to add to the pot in the comments.