Chrissy Teigen Is For A Good Cause

Chrissy Teigen‘s Twitter should one day be in the Library of Congress (unlike mine which is lame), but her other good deeds include attending the 9th Annual Project Sunshine “Sunshine In The City” Benefit in New York last night. Let me preface this by saying that Chrissy is the coolest famous person I’ve even hung out with. And by “hung out with” I mean I had a bunch of drinks with her and John Legend once in Charlotte and I was pretty shitfaced and the chick I was with was crying in the bathroom and Chrissy held her hair back while she puked then I woke up in the Ritz-Carlton where I’m pretty sure a cat threw a table on my head and shit in my mouth while I sleeping. I also had nail marks down my back. Good times. Anyway, she looks pretty hot here. And if you think she looks hot, check out the guy in the wheelchair. He can barely even stand it!