Poor Lamar :(

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As reported yesterday, Lamar Odom formally quit on the Dallas Mavericks where he averaged career lows and was basically a zombie on the court after being dumped by the Los Angeles Lakers for an irrelevant 1st-round pick and a trade exemption. But why did he quit? Oh, he’s a pouting child who’d rather take his toys and go home than man up and do the job he was paid to do. No big deal. Radar Online reports:

“Lamar hasn’t gotten over being traded from the Lakers, and he has been depressed and moody ever since the trade happened. Lamar felt that he was ripped away from his Laker family with no warning or notice. He couldn’t fathom the fact that the Lakers traded him after all of his years with the team,” a source close to the couple tells RadarOnline.com. “Khloe has been extremely supportive of Lamar, but she is growing increasingly concerned for her husband because she has never seen him like this before.”…

Right, because players never get traded. They sign with a team and come off the bench their entire careers because the NBA isn’t a business it’s a place where the owners hug you and make you a friendship bracelet. He’s supposedly in a deep depression, but no episodes of Khloe and Lamar have been cancelled though. Whatever, bro. Anyway, here’s the part that makes the Kardashian’s collective vagina dry up.

“Lamar is just lost right now, and Khloe is hoping once they move back to Los Angeles and he is back in familiar surroundings, he will get out of his funk. Lamar wants to keep playing basketball but it might be time for him to retire, which has Khloe even more concerned.”

Whoa, hol’ up. An unemployed black guy? Kris Jenner didn’t sign up for this shit! What can she do?! I guess it’s too late for Ray J to cum in his mouth now.

Pic source = WENN