Ashton Kutcher Is Mad At The Media

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Ashton Kutcher thinks that blocking individual journalists’ Twitter accounts will keep them out of his business. Radar Online says:

Ashton Kutcher is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter, but has exclusively learned there are certain people the Two and a Half Men actor is now blocking from his account — journalists. On Monday morning’s Executive Vice President and Editor in Chief at Star magazine David Perel and the Senior Executive Editor of both Radar and Star Dylan Howard were blocked from seeing Kutcher’s tweets, along with numerous other entertainment journalists in the industry, despite being one of his 9.3 million long-time followers. “@aplusk is awfully sensitive these days…blocking entertainment journalists on Twitter and using a lawyer on the Demi situation,” Perel tweeted from his @IMPerel account. “Sure @aplusk has banned @dylanshoward and me from following him, but we always had a lot more fun with Charlie anyway! #winning.” Perel is referring to L. Stanton Stein, the new attorney Kutcher has hired to make sure the situation between himself and his estranged wife Demi Moore — who was taken to the hospital a week ago because she was taking Adderall and had a seizure and suffers from anorexia — doesn’t reflect poorly on him. It was of course Star magazine who exclusively broke the details of Kutcher and Moore’s impending $290 million divorce, a full nine weeks before the actress announced they were separating. Star was also the magazine that splashed exclusive photos of the Punk’d star partying with a gaggle of blonde girls in the San Diego hotel penthouse, where he reportedly slept with 23-year-old Sara Leal on his sixth wedding anniversary with Moore, across their cover in October. “Just found out @aplusk has blocked @IMPerel and I from following him on Twitter. Now waiting for Kutcher state-run showbiz news service,” Howard quipped on Twitter. “Out of 9,355,302 followers, @IMPerel and I didn’t make the cut. What’s with that @aplusk?! Come on… I loved Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Out of 9+ million Twitter followers, Ashton Kutcher blocked a handful of entertainment journalists. That’ll work really well. Just the way Ashton not personally calling the tabloids after banging 22-year-old skanks worked out for him. Good lookin’ out bro!