Jim Carrey’s Daughter Is On American Idol

Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey‘s daughter, auditioned for American Idol and got special treatment. Radar Online reports:

Unlike the rest of the contestants who camp out for days in the hope of trying to convince the judges that they have what it takes, Jane got special treatment. “She didn’t have to sleep outside and wait for hours hoping to audition like everyone else,” a source exclusively told RadarOnline.com. “She basically had an appointment and showed up!” The source said they doubted if the judges knew about the special treatment Jane was given, but the show gave her the VIP service. “Her audition was pre-arranged with the producers. She did not wait and line up for hours or days outside – she had a time, she showed up and went in,” the source said. Jane, who is Jim’s daughter with his first wife, Melissa Womer, said in a videotaped story that being the child of a world famous A-lister isn’t always easy. “It was definitely fun growing up with him as a father, he’s not the most extravagant celebrity so it’s been fairly normal — fairly. Everyone growing up has their issue with identity and trying to find themselves,” she explained. “It is difficult kind of growing up in the shadow of something and trying to find your place in the world under the huge shadow. “The last name definitely helps and hurts, I feel like there’s kind of this pressure to maybe be better, because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying ‘Oh you only got there because of this.'” According to the source, the last name clearly helped this time: “American Idol always says they don’t give everyone favors, but this time they did for Jane.”

You mean daughters of well-connected rich men have an easier time breaking into the music business? Even if they’re ugly? Next you’re going to tell me that girls poop. Then I’ll really know you’re a liar. (Or that your girlfriend is really good at tucking. If you suspect that’s the case, I suggest you leave the lights on next time to be sure.)