This Is Smarter Than Lauren Scruggs

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Hey, remember that model who walked into a moving propeller? She’s recovering. TMZ reports:

For the first time since accidentally walking into a spinning plane propeller last month, model Lauren Scruggs was pictured in seemingly good spirits as she left a Dallas hospital with her parents on Tuesday. The 23-year-old lost her left eye and left hand in the horrific Dec. 3rd accident and has been undergoing extensive rehab. According to a federal report just released, the pilot of the plane claims he attempted to warn Scruggs about the propeller and guide her to safety. When he thought she was out of harm’s way he returned to his seat, only to then hear someone scream, “Stop, Stop.” Despite everything she’s gone through, Scruggs is said to be making remarkable progress.

I’m sorry (actually I’m not), but why are we making a victim out of this woman? She walked into a moving aircraft propeller. Maybe it’s because I’m from a family of pilots, but these things are loud, large, easily visible, and, unless you’re a toddler or clinically retarded, pretty well known to be dangerous. While it’s unfortunate that she lost an eye and a hand, I think it’s a quite a bit more depressing that the public is making this out to be a tragedy. I believe the correct term for it is actually “natural selection.”