Happy New Year!

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Well, another year has come to an end, and to be honest, I can’t believe I will have been here six years next month. Fuck. Six years. What have I done with my life?! But most importantly, I think we’re mostly shocked that Lindsay Lohan isn’t dead yet. That seems like it should have happened by now, right? It does, doesn’t it? Anyway, while she will continue to taunt me in 2012, I’d like to take this time to thank everyone of you who condescends to read this site everyday. Jess and I really do appreciate it, because we know there are a billion other sites out there that have fully grasped that whole grammar and punctuation thing. Also, Jess says if we reach 10,000 fans on Facebook she’ll have sex with me then bake me something. So, let’s ring in the New Year by making that happen. In a more realistic scenario, you guys be safe tonight because we love each and everyone of you. We’re basically like a big misfit fam…what? No not like that. What would make you think we loved you like that? Jesus, dude why do you have to be such a homo all the time? It’s exhausting.

Note: Our annual “Hottest Chick” and “Best Posts” of the year will be up on Tuesday. We’re taking votes here, so if you’re not sloppy drunk and embarrassing your family and all those around you, feel free to give us a suggestion or just email it to editor@idontlikeyouinthatway.com.