Michael Jordan Is Engaged

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After divorcing his wife of 17 years in 2006 then buying the Charlotte Bobcats, North Carolina and NBA legend (and worst dressed millionaire in history) Michael Jordan, got engaged to his girlfriend of three years, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto. WCNC reports:

One of Charlotte’s most eligible bachelors is now engaged, NewsChannel 36 has learned. Charlotte Bobcats majority owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan got engaged on Christmas, a Jordan spokeswoman first confirmed to WCNC Thursday afternoon. Several celebrity gossip websites reported MJ proposed to longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto recently. Jordan was spotted courtside at the Bobcats game against the Bucks on Monday with friend and New York Yankees baseball star Derek Jeter.

She must hate when MJ wants to have anal sex. Because when she pushes him off the refs will call a foul.

#1 should be #1 on every top-ten list. Even lists that have nothing to do with basketball:

This video could also be called “Top 10 Reasons Why LeBron Will Never Be Jordan”.

Charlotte Bobcats’ rookie Kemba Walker breaking ankles in his first NBA game. Michael Jordan approves:

Dunking. At age 48.