Well, One Person Thinks Jerry Sandusky Is Innocent

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His wife. It’s his wife. TMZ reports:

In her statement Dottie says she’s been “shocked and dismayed by the allegations made against Jerry.” She adds, “As the mother of six children, I have been devastated by these accusations. Our children, our extended family and friends know how much Jerry and I love kids and have always tried to help and care for them. We would never do anything to hurt them. I am so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. We don’t know why these young men have made these false accusations, but we want everyone to know they are untrue.”

All you need to do is watch his interview with Bob Costas to realize that Sandusky is sick and belongs in Shutter Island with a spike in his eyeball. If you have to pause and stumble over your answer then say you touched their thighs and showered with them in a fatherly way when you’re asked point blank “Are you sexually attracted to underage boys?”, something is wired way the hell wrong up in your cerebral cortex or frontal lobe or whatever. Dude is a monster who apparently can’t help himself, and his wife is obviously covering for him. But we all come here to see titties so I’ll stop typing now. Whew. I feel better already.