Alec Baldwin Got Kicked Off An American Airlines Flight For Playing Words With Friends

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So, yeah. This just happened. NY Daily News reports:

Alec Baldwin was booted from an American Airlines flight Tuesday after some turbulence with a flight attendant. “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving,” the actor said in a Twitter message after the incident. The “30 Rock” star added a hashtag saying it was “no wonder” the airline recently declared bankruptcy. “But, oddly, 30 Rock plays in-flight on American,” he said in a later tweet, this time promoting competing airline United with the hashtag “#theresalwaysunited.” The cabin confrontation started when a flight staffer scolded Baldwin for playing the addictive Scrabble-like game on his iPad while the airplane was still at the gate, not moving, a source familiar with the situation told the Daily News. He later demanded the flight attendant’s name, and the conflict escalated, the source said. The actor, 53, was being rebooked on a later American Airlines flight after his removal, Baldwin tweeted. Word of the ejection spread at supersonic speed as other passengers posted on Twitter, apparently committing the same offense as Baldwin.

He’s tweeting non-stop about it right now, and his defense, it was kinda a bitch move by American Airlines. But more to the point, I bet Herman Cain really sucks at Words With Friends. There’s no U in “economy”, dude.