Bret Easton Ellis Makes A Good Point

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American novelist (Less Than Zero, American Psycho) and bisexual, Bret Easton Ellis, thinks Dan Savage’s anti-bullying It Gets Better Project is for pussies. He tweeted:

When I was bullied: you manned-up. You learned something. You realized: I’m not getting the gold star. You realized: you lose. Deal with it.

The “celebration” of victimization is so widespread in the culture: has it created a generation of overly-sensitive narcissistic snowflakes?

The weak-ass anti-bullying approach: YouTube video with Sia wailing Breathe? I want the kid who growls: “I am gonna break your fucking arm.”

Of course, the king of all gay bullies (until Lady Gaga appeared to him on the road to Damascus’ gay bar), Perez Hilton, has jumped all over this like a free box of glitter because he’s all about love and acceptance now, so I had to remind him of this. Look, gay kids getting bullied then becoming suicidal sucks. It does. But it also sucks when it happens to a disabled kid. Or a mixed-race kid. Or a kid with a learning disability. Or a speech impediment. The LBGT seems to believe bullying is some kind of new phenomena that specifically targets gay kids. But here’s thing, you can’t legislate morality. And it doesn’t matter how many YouTube videos you make or hashtags you make up to preach love and acceptance, if a bully doesn’t like you, then guess what? You’re getting bullied. You can’t make someone agree with you. You can’t force someone to see things from your point of view. What you can do, however, is wait for your bully to go in the bathroom then knock his teeth out with your bike lock then stomp on his clavicle when he comes out of stall. You know, like I did in school. I find that gets better results than crying into a webcam.

Problem solved: