Johnny Depp Is Wanted By The LAPD

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Because his bodyguards beat up a handicapped lady. God, those handicapped people with all their rolling around and not using proper hand signals. TMZ reports:

The LAPD has some questions for Johnny Depp — and now, they’re trying to track the actor down for an interview …. after his bodyguards allegedly beat up a disabled woman last week. TMZ broke the story … 52-year-old Robyn Ecker filed a police report after the Iggy Pop show in L.A. Thursday night — claiming she was minding her own business when she accidentally danced too close to Depp’s table … and his bodyguards tackled her. Robyn claims she was seriously injured during the alleged attack — and even went to the hospital to get herself checked out. Law enforcement sources tell us, the LAPD would like to speak to Johnny and his bodyguards about the police report — and are currently making attempts to interview all of them. So far, no word from Johnny’s rep.

We give Johnny Depp a lot of love on this site, but he’s said some pretty dumb shit recently and now apparently his bodyguards think they’re in some wheelchair athlete intramural rugby league. Not to be an asshole, but the article said she was disabled then immediately followed up with “she was minding her own business when she accidentally danced too close to Depp’s table.” I’ve never seen a disabled person dance, but I assume Johnny Depp’s bodyguards thought she might have been possessed by a demon. Honest mistake.

UPDATE: This was just sent in by a reader. Thanks, Cesar! Even though you drowned that puppy that one time.

I actually witnessed this happen in front of me at the show. That woman is full of shit. She was WASTED like no tomorrow and made her way to were Depp was and mind you he had his kids and girlfriend with him. She grabbed him by the back of his pants, pulling him and the bodyguard grabbed her, but she just would not let go and got really angry, spilling everyone’s drink and went as far as scaring the living hell out of his kid, making her cry. She was being pulled away and started fighting back, which resulted in the venues security to get involved and she was STILL being all violent. They got her taken away and Depp and everyone with him left the place. About 10 minutes later, the same woman went back to the place were everything happened, looking for him and same shit happened again but this time she got kicked out. The end.