Adele Had Successful Throat Surgery

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Apparently after walking into Boston Market and trying to swallow a whole chicken, Adele messed up her throat and had to have surgery. Haha, I made that first part up, you guys! It was a Bojangle’s. People reports:

British singer Adele is well on her way to a full recovery following throat surgery for a hemorrhaged vocal chord. “Thank you for all your positive thoughts and get well wishes,” the Grammy winner, 23, writes on her website. “I’m doing really well, on the mend, super happy, relaxed and very positive with it all.” She adds: “The operation was a success and I’m just chilling out now until I get the all clear from my doctors.”

This is the closest thing to a sports injury Adele will ever get, so I’m glad she’s remaining as inactive as possible during her recovery. I mean, you wouldn’t want to get on a treadmill or take a pliates class when recovering from throat surgery or anything. I read somewhere that if you do, that octopus from The Little Mermaid will come and steal your voice. I think it was the bible.