Snooki’s Suing

She doesn’t think she got enough money for putting her name on things. Like lingerie. No, really. The New York Post reports:

A High-profile licensing deal inked by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to put the guidette’s name on everything from denim and lingerie to home goods has wound up in court. Polizzi filed a complaint last month in Ulster County, NY — the “Jersey Shore” star’s legal residence — to end her partnership with SRG Ventures after the deal grabbed headlines earlier this year. SRG has worked with brands including the US Olympic Committee’s Team USA, Hohm and the Marilyn Monroe brand. But now Snooki is looking to get out of the pact, Page Six has learned, claiming it wasn’t as lucrative as agreed upon. Meanwhile, SRG filed a motion yesterday to move the case to New York City in preparation for a counter-suit. Snooki’s lawyers allege in court papers that SRG “failed to secure” royalty guarantees of at least $250,000 and a license from a major retailer for another $250,000, as the contract called for. It also says the SRG didn’t bring in “five licenses approved by [Polizzi].” But SRG says it has a “preponderance of evidence” that it did achieve those “performance benchmarks,” and says the gnomish reality star is herself in breach of contract.

On the bright side, if she loses the lawsuit and stops rotting brains from every imaginable medium, she can probably go back to her old position. I’m pretty sure the Chocolate Factory has union benefits.