Joe Paterno Got Fired

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Joe Paterno, the legendary head football coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions and the winningest coach in football history (but let’s be honest, if you you were at a place for fucking 45 years, you would be too), has been summarily fired for failing to do a damn thing while his former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, systemically raped young boys in his locker room for years. Go choke on your Denny’s, motherfucker. New York Post reports:

Joe Paterno is history. The winningest coach in college football will be sacked by a child-sex scandal involving a former Penn State assistant that has rocked one of the nation’s most storied college football franchises and tarnished the legacy of one of its biggest names…“Paterno’s in a state of shock,” said a source close to the coach. “He can’t believe the vortex of hell that’s around him. “He can’t believe how this happened on his watch,” the source added. “He’s fluctuating between disbelief and trying to do what he’s done for the last 60 years — coach his team.’’…Six of the eight alleged victims have been identified by investigators, but their names have not been made public. Since Monday, more victims have come forward, raising the total to almost 20, reported last night. A new report contradicted Paterno’s claim that he wasn’t told the details of an alleged sexual assault committed by Jerry Sandusky, his former defensive coordinator. A source told The New York Times that the graduate assistant who witnessed the alleged assault provided “explicit details” during a face-to-face meeting the following day with Paterno. Officials said the administrators failed to notify authorities about the allegations against Sandusky, 67, who has been charged with 21 felony counts for allegedly abusing eight victims over a period of 15 years. According to the indictment against Sandusky, Paterno notified Curley in 2002 after the graduate assistant on his coaching staff reported that he witnessed Sandusky having sexual intercourse with a young boy in the Penn State locker-room shower. Sandusky was no longer a coach at the university at the time, but had access to the locker room as part of a nonprofit organization he ran for at-risk children. Paterno’s legal requirement was that he notify his superior, but on Monday, Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan suggested there was a “moral responsibility” for the coach to make sure police were contacted.

Say what you want, but if he didn’t know, he was incompetent and if he did know (which he did), it’s obvious he was more concerned about his legacy than the bleeding anuses of the at-risk kids in the shower. Anyone who stands around and allows this to happen shouldn’t be deified, they should be dragged out into the street and shot. And if his colostomy bag should fall off on the way, hey, no harm done.