Justin Bieber Is An Idiot

Justin Bieber has a Batmobile and a sense of entitlement. Popcrush reports:

The Biebs got pulled over this week for cutting off a California Highway Patrol officer. In typical Bieber fashion, though, Selena Gomez‘s squeeze remained conspicuous, even in a traffic stop. Leading a three-car motorcade that included pal and ‘Eenie Meenie’ partner Sean Kingston, Bieber was behind the wheel of a Cadillac styled after the Batmobile, complete with bat symbols on the front and back of the vehicle and his initials emblazoned across the side panel. Bieber was let off with a warning.

It’s cool if Justin Bieber wants to roleplay as Bruce Wayne, but he still needs his voice to drop a few registers. And it would be even cooler if someone roleplaying as Bane showed up, and not just because Bane is Hispanic.