Looks Handicapped To Me

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Because celebrities are better than law-abiding citizens and people in wheelchairs, Usher parked in a handicap spot this weekend. This really pissed off some white woman. TMZ reports:

Usher was bull-rushed in the middle of a crowded parking lot in ATL last weekend — by an angry woman looking to fight the singer for parking in a handicap spot … and TMZ has the footage. Eyewitnesses tell us .. Usher had just arrived to the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade (hence the guy in the Elvis costume) when the woman saw U’s SUV parked in a handicap spot. We’re told the woman demanded the singer move his car — but Usher refused and she went ballistic … screaming, flailing her arms, and grabbing Usher’s hoodie. At one point, she screams, “You don’t belong here!” Sources say the woman’s husband eventually dragged her away from the scene — and Usher drove away not long after.

It’s hard to tell in the video whether or not his car has a tag, but I’d let him stay there. This is the same guy who made Justin Bieber famous, so it’s safe to assume he’s retarded. The incident took place in Atlanta, so it’s also safe to assume that when she said “You don’t belong here,” the woman meant “off of the cotton fields.”