Everybody Loves Madonna’s New Movie

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While her older brother is homeless and living under a bridge in Michigan, Madonna is still trying to make people believe that she’s British and talented. So she directed a movie set in 1937 about the life of Wallace Simpszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Radar Online reports:

Madonna got a chilly reception when she walked the red carpet at the screening of her new film W.E. in London on Sunday, and for once the English weather wasn’t to blame. The Queen of Pop was booed by the British crowd when she arrived at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square for the screening of her film at the 55th annual BFI London Film Festival in her adopted homeland. It’s not the first time that Madonna’s latest directorial venture has been bashed. As RadarOnline.com previously reported, W.E. was slammed by critics when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September. The Wallace Simpson biopic is based on the life of the American socialite who married Prince Edward, future King of England, in 1937, forcing him to abdicate the throne.

Whatever. Of course it was going to suck. Just like the movie Lady Gaga is going to direct that’s set in 1973 about the life of the Armenian social worker Simpson Wallace who married Prince Tedward. See? It’s not the same thing!