Leonardo DiCaprio Is Banging Two Australian Models Now

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“Haha, hey guys, one of the Australian models I’m banging just texted me and asked if she could be my girlfriend. Wanna see her tits? LOL.” Page Six reports:

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is in no rush to settle down after breaking up with actress Blake Lively last month and is romancing more than one Australian beauty while in Sydney. The 36-year-old US actor, who is in Australia working on Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby,” was last week linked to former “Australia’s Next Top Model” contestant Alyce Crawford (this chick), who had been spotted frequenting his suite at The Star casino, The (Sydney) Sunday Telegraph reported. But the “Inception” star has also struck up a steamy relationship with another Aussie model, 20-year-old Kendal Schuler (this chick). Sources close to Schuler confirmed the model had been spending time with DiCaprio. “Leo has told her she can visit any time she likes as long as she keeps it low-key,” one friend told the newspaper. “She has taken him up on that opportunity already a couple of times. But she isn’t silly — she knows this isn’t serious and she is just enjoying the time with him.” The friend said they had first met in Los Angeles but were reacquainted after seeing each other at exclusive Sydney nightclub, Beach Haus. They have been in contact since he got here and she has seen him three or four times,” the friend said. “He has told her to be very discreet.”

So to recap, Leonardo DiCaprio takes one Australian model out in public, then tells another one they can bang if she keeps her mouth shut about it. So let me be the first to say, fuck you Leonardo DiCaprio.