Tupac Has A Sex Tape

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There have been rumors the last few weeks that late rapper Tupac Shakur had an unreleased sex tape. TMZ now has stills from the supposed sex tape, but it’s dark and a black guy. To be honest, this could be anybody. TMZ reports:

For all the non-believers … Here is photographic evidence there IS a Tupac sex tape. TMZ broke the story … Tupac received oral sex from a mystery woman back in 1991 … and it was all caught on tape. The 5-minute video shows Tupac in a living room, holding a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in another. An unreleased Tupac song is playing in the background, as the rapper sings along, wiggling his hips — all the while getting serviced by the woman.

Look, I’m a Tupac fan and all, but didn’t somebody kill this motherfucker 15 years ago? Why is he still releasing shit? He’s like Chernobyl if Chernobyl had a thug life tattoo and wrote a touching song about its crackhead mother.