The Game Says 50 Cent Is A Closet Homosexual

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During a Twitter argument (don’t you love those?) with the always petty and sanctimonious starfuckers at TMZ, The Game, defended his interview with VLADTV by prattling off names of people he knows that are gay. Yes, that list included 50 Cent.

Look @TMZ its simple: if your GAY be GAY!!! I don’t have a problem with GAY people… I like Elton John’s music a lot #StraightTweet (sic)

@TMZ but look around, shit I be surprised when I see someone who’s not GAY. My girl hair stylist is GAY & he cool. @50cent GAY n we was cool.

Why does the word “GAY” always stir up so much MADNESS ? If ur GAY, kool. If youre NOT GAY, that’s kool 2. Be WHATEVER u wanna be

Oh oh oh……one more thing: it ain’t only GAY men living on the DL spreading HIV & STD’S … its some of you dirty dick straight [men] 2

I only bring this up because 50 Cent was reportedly dating Chelsea Handler earlier this year. And if you happen to click on the link to the Chelsea Handler post then stare at the banner picture, this whole gay thing will make a lot more sense to you.