Kirstie Alley Really Cares About 9/11

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Hundreds of New York City firefighters and police officers were on the polo grounds at Bethpage State Park for the Long Island Remembers 10th anniversary tribute on Sunday, where Kirstie Alley was to be a celebrity(?) guest. So they sent a car to pick her up. Um, what the fuck is that? A car?! Don’t you know this is Kirstie Alley??! Star of the small screen when your grandma’s small screen had tinfoil antennaes!!! A car?! Seriously??!! Page Six reports:

Steve Carl, of Carlyle on the Green, offered Alley transportation to the charitable commemoration, but reps for the restaurant told Page Six they were shocked to hear her “demand” for a helicopter landing, showbiz-style, in the middle of the polo field. Alley was informed it wouldn’t be possible to charter a chopper, since it did not comply with airspace restrictions set for Sept. 11. “She had a set of demands that she wanted met before she made the appearance,” Leslie Gonzalez, an event organizer who reps Carlyle on the Green, told us. But, “She almost canceled the appearance because she couldn’t get a helicopter.” Another restaurant rep chimed in, “We couldn’t believe it. It’s a memorial service, not a party.”

Hey, remember in Jurassic Park when they lowered the cows into the velociraptor cage? Yeah. They totally should have used something like that. No sense in making the pilot say goodbye to his loved ones because he doesn’t know how he’s going to keep the helicopter airborne because this fat bitch thinks she’s Obama.