Charlie Sheen Got Roasted On Comedy Central

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Awww, how sweet. People reports:

That was the feeling Saturday at a Comedy Central-sponsored roast at Sony Studios in Culver City, Calif., where friends of the actor lobbed insults his way – but in interviews before the event, wished him nothing but good luck. An edited version of the shindig will air on the cable network Sept. 19, opposite the debut of Ashton Kutcher on Sheen’s former CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men. For his part, Sheen, 46, was prepared for anything on Saturday night. Asked what he’s learned over the past year, he replied: “What have I learned? You got like, six hours? … One thing I’ve learned is just don’t take everything so personally, which applies to tonight.”

Man, I bet this was great. Because if anyone is deserving of the spotlight and well wishes it’s a drug addict and unrepentant woman beater who starved his kid’s dog to death and shit in the face of the highest-rated show on television because they had the audacity to tell him he couldn’t miss work to snort blow and fuck whores. I hope everyone on stage and in the audience learned a valuable lesson that night. With that lesson being that they’re fucking idiots.