Carpenters Are 1 Of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems

The 40/40 Club is being renovated by non-union carpenters. Union carpenters don’t like that. Apparently, they also don’t like black people. The New York Daily News reports:

Hip-hop hot shot Jay-Z is getting hammered by carpenters for using nonunion labor for the facelift of his Manhattan club 40/40. But the carpenters union, which erected five inflatable rats outside the Chelsea joint this week, has gone too far by shouting the N-word at management, according to Jay-Z’s rep. “The union is trying to bully 40/40 to hire union workers. They were shouting racial slurs. It was really inappropriate protesting,” said Lauren Menache, a spokeswoman for the Brooklyn-born singer. The union members used the “N-word” during protests and in phone calls to 40/40 management, said Menache. The New York City District Council of Carpenters did not return calls for comment. The club is in a nonunion building, said Menache, giving the contractors the freedom to hire carpenters. “We confirmed that we have the right to hire a contractor that is not in the union,” she said.

The carpenters union should probably rethink their approach if they’re trying to get hired. Typically the only acceptable time to toss the n-word around when you want a job is if you’re applying to be a Grand Wizard.