Chaz Bono Has Haters

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Chaz Bono’s gig on Dancing With the Stars is causing an uproar. An uproar. About Dancing With the Stars. Fuck everything. E! Online reports that his partner on the show, Lacey Schwimmer, has come to his defense:

“There’s a lot of people against him at this moment because they don’t know too much about him and his whole process,” she says. “I think that through this show you’re going to see a different side of Chaz. I think people are going to see past, ‘Is he a boy or is he a girl?’ I think they’re going to stop questioning and just accept him for him.” As for the undeniable impact Chaz’s appearance on the show will have, Schwimmer says, “I think it’s just showing that people need to be OK with this. We need to evolve. It’s 2011. I personally feel that we need to get over it.”

I really do commend Lacey’s open mind and kind heart to transgender issues, but based on these photos she might be a bit biased. The only thing stopping me from outright declaring her a drag queen is the fact that her chin is big enough to obscure her Adam’s apple.