Corey Feldman: “The Number One Problem In Hollywood Is Pedophilia”

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In an interview with ABC’s Nightline on Wednesday, former child actor and current weirdo Corey Feldman, says Hollywood is basically the Catholic Church but with better clothes and without all the shitty music. Us Magazine reports:

the 40-year-old former child star said that pedophiles were “like vultures” in the entertainment industry. “The number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be pedophilia,” he said. “It’s all done under the radar… But it’s the big secret.” The Lost Boys actor said he was “literally surrounded” by pedophiles at the age of 14, but didn’t realize “until I was much older what they were and what they wanted.”…Feldman blamed his friend Corey Haim’s death at age 38 in 2010 on the abuse suffered at the hands of one particular “Hollywood mogul” he refused to name. “There was a circle of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids,” he said. “They all had either their own power, or connections to great power in the entertainment industry.” Feldman said that Haim’s substance addiction was also a “symptom” of the molestation he experienced earlier in life. “There’s a lot of good people in this industry, but there’s also a lot of really, really sick, corrupt people in this industry,” Feldman said. “There are people… who have gotten away with [pedophilia] for so long that they feel that they’re above the law. And that’s gotta change. That’s gotta stop.”

As you may remember, Corey Feldman was one of The Child Rapist Of Neverland Ranch’s biggest defenders, so I guess we’re left to guess who he’s talking about. I’m gonna say Tom Hanks and Michael Landon. You can just tell by their eyes.