Amy Winehouse Was Dead For Six Hours Before She Was “Found”

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It takes six hours for her security team and handlers to flush drugs down the toilet and spray Febreze? Interesting. Sun reports:

TRAGIC Amy Winehouse may have been dead for up to six hours before her body was discovered lying in bed, cops fear. The star, 27, last spoke to her security team at 10am on Saturday. She was found at home in Camden, North London, at 4pm. Medics said she’d been dead several hours. Police sources reported no sign of drugs at the house. Amy had seen her doctor on Friday night. Amy’s doctor examined her the evening before her death – and gave her the all clear. The singer was having regular check-ups because her drink and drug battles had left her so frail. A source said: “The doctor was happy with her condition. When he left on Friday night he had no concerns. Less than 24 hours later she was found dead. “Amy’s health has been very fragile and she has been having a series of check-ups.”

Police have no leads and her autopsy is currently underway, but we really don’t need to know what happened. Because 27-year old’s take naps at 10am then die peacefully in their sleep all the time. There’s nothing to see here.