Casey Anthony Is Being Sued For $100K

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Apparently when you play hide and go seek you shouldn’t hide a dead body then make a professional mounted search and recovery team try to find it. Turns out they’ll sue you. NYDN reports:

The 25-year-old Anthony was served behind bars with a lawsuit demanding the return of $100,000 spent on a massive 2008 manhunt for her slain daughter Caylee. The non-profit group Texas EquuSearch filed the suit Wednesday, charging Anthony duped them into conducting the fruitless hunt despite knowing the 2-year-old was already dead. “Casey Anthony knew that her apparent ‘cooperation’ with the massive searches coordinated by TES created an appearance that she was a victim of law enforcement’s unjust investigation and that she was a concerned mother seeking her missing child’s return,” the suit said.

That sounds great until you realize she’ll never pay a dime even if she loses the suit. Ask Ron Goldman’s family how their civil suit worked out. If I was Texas EquuSearch, I’d pour gasoline on her and see if she could make it to the swamp before I set her on fire. If she does, good job. If she doesn’t, everybody else in the hot body contest will definitely be playing for second. Because she’d be on fire, you see.