Casey Anthony Got Sentenced To Four Years, Will Serve A Month

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Florida: America’s Australia! TMZ reports:

Casey Anthony just received 4 years in jail for providing false information to a police officer … but she’s not going to be locked up for the next 4 years … not even close. She could actually become a free woman within about a month. The defense argued that Casey’s lying to cops was really just one continuous act — not 4 separate ones … and therefore Anthony should be sentenced to 1 year in jail — not 4 years (one for each lie). Judge Belvin Perry begged to differ, calling each untruth “separate and distinct lies.” But Anthony got credit for time already served — she’s been locked up for approximately 2 years 10 months. The judge must still compute how much time she gets for good time credit. The judge said he needs to do some math first … but Anthony could get out late this month or next.

So, I hate to introduce common sense into this trial so late in the game, but if Casey Anthony didn’t murder her own child…uhhh…then who the fuck did? Who would possibly have any kind of motive to kill Caylee other than Casey Anthony not wanting to read bedtime stories when it’s dollar draft night? People can say the justice system worked all they want, but if it worked, then the justice system is fucked up. I’ve watched several episodes of Matlock, and I’m pretty sure this bitch killed her kid. But right now I’m really more concerned about Nancy Grace. She called me last night and asked if I would kidnap Elizabeth Smart or reanimate JonBenét Ramsey so somebody can kill her again. She bought several pantsuits on consignment recently and doesn’t want her ratings to drop before she has a chance to wear them. They’re precious material mix made of angora and new wool, for highest wearing comfort. Very stylish and professional with a beautiful silhouette I might add.

Update: She’ll be out next Wednesday. Just in time for the weekend!