Maria Shriver Is Richer

Maria Shriver’s getting book deals. Big book deals. Radar Online reports:

Maria Shriver could get more than $15 million as a advance for a tell-all memoir, has exclusively learned. Shriver, who filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday is the hottest topic in the book world. One top publishing exec told that California’s former First Lady could garner more than the all-time advance record, the $15 million paid to Bill Clinton for his memoir, My Life. Shriver is already the author of six best-selling books, including And One More Thing Before You Go… and What’s Happening to Grandpa? But a tell-all about growing up a Kennedy and especially her life with the cheating Arnold and learning he fathered a child by their maid, that’s a whole different story — literally — and it could set sales records. There’s no indication yet if Maria has any interest in spilling the beans, but that’s not stopping publishers from putting together deal offers. The hope of at least one extremely interested publisher is that she’ll agree to a deal once her divorce is finalized, even though the pub date might not be until after her youngest child Christopher turns 18 in 2015.

Initially I thought publishers may be overestimating interest in Maria Shriver and the attention span of the American consumer, but the eventual movie adaptation would look pretty cool. Disney’s still pretty powerful, so enough people would probably pay to see the Terminator banging Ursula behind Maleficent’s back for Maria Shriver to afford a sandwich.